You have been a critical part of the Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s community over the past 5 months as we have put out 12 shows and developed, then refined who we are, who we have become.

Today, we are a social impact community enterprise which connects Chicago Blues Masters to passionate Chicago Blues fans globally. Especially in these very difficult times we all face, you give yourself 90 minutes to hear the call, the joy; to share the joy. Your support, your response to our musical call, has been appreciated beyond any words I can write.

To celebrate the official launching of our Chicago Blues Network site, we are upgrading the entire Trading 4s experience by offering a special by-demand Trading 4s featuring Brother John Kattke and Living Blues’ Magazine come-back artist of the year, “almost 85 years young” Mary Lane. 15. This show, recorded 2 weeks ago, has already been viewed more than 40,000 times. See the show here, 

This Trading 4s show illustrates what Chicago Blues Network represents—learning, performance, personalities, community, longevity, honoring those who came before us.Date: On Demand, when you want it
Featuring: Mary Lane, Living Blues Magazine Comeback Artist of the Year
Brother John Kattke
Blues Lesson by Dave Specter on Chicago Blues Legend Jimmy Rogers
Lawndale’s Firehouse Community Arts Center, Pastor Phil Jackson
Tickets: $5.00 purchase here,

You can support the artists with tips right when you buy your ticket. All support of $50 or more comes with your choice of the Mary Lane CD or Blues From The Inside Out  where Brother John’s vocals and piano resonate. 
As an important part of this community, please feel free to share this information with your friends, and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about Chicago Blues Network.    

An important teacher told me the best way to help myself, to make me feel good, is to help others. You may not realize this, but you have already helped so many performing Blues musicians, so many folks in Lawndale here in Chicago, so many migrant farm workers in the Bay Area, so many folks in Kalamazoo, MI, just by buying a ticket to these shows and supporting these artists, and maybe telling your friends how much you enjoyed the show. And you have helped me during these tough times. We are taking care of ourselves; blues is a healer.

Thank you.