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October 12, 2022  Volume 3, Issue 21
People All Over the World Play Blues
Are You One of Them?
Blues is Unstoppable…Blues is Worldwide 

Marie Martens, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, is just one of the many Blues Artists worldwide carrying on the art form and adding original flair.

“She’s forging her own path, way cool stuff!” Midwest Record
Martens (listen to her music here) will be one of the up-and-coming artists featured next month with Chicago Blues Master Johnny Burgin in “Johnny Burgin Blues Revue with Ben Levin, Marie Martens and Joel Astley,” curated by Burgin to showcase new talent. Ben Levin, a prodigious piano/vocal talent of Cincinatti, OH, is also performing November 17th at Skokie Theater, just North of Chicago. For tickets, click here.
Ben Levin plays “I’m Your Essential Worker” Live featuring Johnny Burgin
Johnny Burgin’s compilation CD No Border Blues also pays homage to Blues artists worldwide, focusing on Japan.
About this release on Delmark Records:
“The 1970’s Japanese tours of Chicago blues legends Otis Rush, Jimmy Dawkins, Eddie Taylor, and others created a small but intense Japanese blues scene that bursts over with talent three generations and over forty years later.


Delmark Records was there at the beginning of the Japanese love affair with hard-hitting Chicago blues, releasing Otis Rush’s So Many Roads (Delmark 643) recorded live in Japan in 1975. Many of the attendees at that show were so inspired that they went on to become Japan’s first generation of blues musicians, and to serve as inspiration to the younger artists featured on the recording…No Border Blues is the first-ever American compilation of some of the brightest flames of the small but fervent underground blues scenes of Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto. It’s an unprecedented showcase of young and committed traditional blues artists that by and large never expected to be heard outside Japan (or even outside of their neighborhood “live house”), but very much deserve to be.

Johnny Burgin’s tagline “The Worldwide West Side Guitar Man” encapsulates his focus on traditional Chicago “West Side” style so well documented by Delmark records, as well as his rigorous international touring schedule. He’s certainly no stranger to inter-cultural blues endeavors, having collaborated with blues artists in 15 countries in recent years. He’s toured Japan four times since 1996 and he drew on his long relationships with Japanese artists both in Japan as well as in Chicago to produce this recording. Johnny sings a few songs and contributes guitar throughout, but he very much puts the spotlight on the remarkable and inspiring playing of his Japanese peers.” – Delmark.com

Listen to “No Border Blues” CD
What Are You Waiting For?
Play Some Blues, Too
Check out free lesson videos on Chicago Blues Network YouTube, which we offer to you to help you get started with the art form of Chicago Blues. If you already play, take the challenge to dig deeper and find new ways to add your own stamp to the music, as well as be amazed by the nuances from the original “Blues Giants” that paved the way.

Here’s Chicago Blues Master Dave Specter, with closer look at the classic song “Blow Wind Blow.”
Chicago Blues Network Guitar Instructor Dave Specter “Blow Wind Blow” Guitar Lesson
To help you get started:
  • Key of G
  • Classic Chicago shuffle
  • Keep an ear out for the musical theme or head 
  • Movable chords, 7ths especially
  • Hear rthythm guitar part options
Muddy Waters – Blow Wind Blow (1970)
In this video: Muddy Waters and band performing this song live in 1970. “Blow Wind Blow” was originally released in 1953 on Chess Records as a ‘B’ side on the 45 rpm record “Mad Love” (A side).
Listen to More of the Chicago Blues Network Set List
No Border Blues Podcast
Hosts Johnny Burgin and Stephanie Tice 
Interview Blues Musicians from Around the World

In This Episode: Shakedown Tim
Sponsored by Chicago Blues Network
From the archives…
Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Shakedown Tim discusses his history with the well-known Belgian Blues Band Fried Bourbon, his new incarnation as Shakedown Tim and the Rhythm Revue on Germany’s Rhythm Bomb label, and American vintage guitars on this episode of No Border Blues.
No Border Blues #11, Shakedown Tim (Belgium)
Take a blues journey with No Border Blues Podcast, the only blues podcast focused on international blues artists and hidden blues scenes around the world. Delmark recording artist Johnny Burgin and producer Stephanie Tice shine a spotlight on notable international blues performers, discuss the blues scenes in their home countries, and present intimate and exclusive musical performances. Sponsored by Chicago Blues Network, bringing Chicago Blues to the world.
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Pete’s Pics “Blues in Action”
by Peter M. Hurley

Photo © Peter M. Hurley
One of the great highlights of last June’s Chicago Blues Festival was seeing and hearing ANNIKA CHAMBERS and her bandleader husband Paul DesLauriers blow the lid off the Pritzker Pavilion. Their rendition of The Allman brothers’ “Whipping Post” was a show-stopper. Annika’s bio from her website with DesLauriers included below.
-Peter M. Hurley
Houston Texas native, Annika Chambers, like most great American singers, began singing as a child in the Southern Baptist Church. Though Gospel music is her mother tongue, it is in the Blues that she found her true voice, and what a voice it is! She is the 2022 Blues Music Award Winner for Soul-Blues Female Artist of the Year. After winning her first Blues Music Award for Soul-Blues female Artist of the Year in 2019, she gave us her third release titled “Kiss My Sass” on the VizzTone Label Group. It debuted at #4 on the Billboard Blues Chart and won the 2020 Living Blues award for Best Southern Soul album. Annika performs regularly at the top Blues festivals across North and South America, as well as Europe.
© Peter M. Hurley / Chicago Blues Festival, June 2022
Mr. Hurley is a contributing photographer and writer for Living Blues Magazine and the staff photographer for Chicago Blues Network. His recent book Blues Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Chicago, in collaboration with Blues historian and author David Whiteis, showcases his work in the field. His passion for blues music began with a 6th grade dance party discovery of Bo Diddley which led to Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and so on. It continues to this day. Visit Peter’s Website here.
Focus on Chicago
Blues from the Inside Out Podcast
Dave Specter Interviews 

From the archives…
One of the elder statesmen of Chicago blues, bass player extraordinaire and vocalist Bob Stroger talks about his album “That’s My Name” and shares memories from his long and storied career in the blues, playing with Otis Rush, Sunnyland Slim, Jimmy Rogers and many more.
Listen to the Podcast Here
Bob Stroger’s latest CD on Delmark Records, learn more here.
Donna Herula Voted “Artist of the Year” (2021)
in Doc’s Blues Awards

From DonnaHerula.com: “Donna Herula voted the “2021 Artist of the Year” Winner in Doc’s Blues Awards 2021 – Severn FM in the UK! Donna would like to express her thanks and gratitude to her listeners for their support and votes in Doc’s Blues Award 2021. She is excited and honored to be the recipient of the “2021 Artist of the Year” and would like to thank Trevor Howard on Severn FM in Gloucester, UK for the original nomination!”

See Donna Herula perform on the Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s Concert stage:

Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s Concert “Slide x Slide” Featuring Joanna Connor, Katherine Davis and Donna Herula

Blues is a Healer
In the intro of this Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s Concert, Host Scott L. Weil shares this quote about healing:
“Blues a healer, healer, all over the world, all over the world It healed me, it can heal you”
– John Lee Hooker, vocals in “The Healer”
See the incredible song “The Healer” performed live in the video below. The tune is a collaboration between John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana.
John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana Perform “The Healer”, 1990
Tribute to Blues Giants
Spotlight on Artists that Paved the Way
[Sunnyland Slim was] “a living piece of our folk history, gallantly and eloquently carrying on in the old tradition.”
– Studs Terkel
Blues Pianist and Singer “Sunnyland Slim” performed in Chicago with Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf, among others, adding his piano sound to the evolving postwar electric Blues. He was born Albert Luandrew in Mississippi in 1906 and moved to Memphis in 1925 before coming to Chicago in 1942. Collaborations include working with the band Canned Heat in the 1960s. In this album Sad and Lonesome, you can hear the raw energy, substance and deliberate delivery that makes his piano-based Blues stand out. [Source: Wikipedia.com]
Sunnyland Slim – Sad And Lonesome
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