“I apply the warrior energy to the blues by tapping into the ancient job of the griot class…you did it because that’s what you did. It was your right as a person.”
– Taj Mahal
November 24, 2021  Volume 2, Issue 43
Chicago Blues Bootcamp 2022 Announced!
May 29 – June 3, 2022 in Downtown Chicago
Chicago Blues Bootcamp will be held in downtown Chicago at Roosevelt University, Sunday, May 29 – Friday, June 3, 2022.

We will open registration on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.
The Chicago Blues Bootcamp will offer intense training in these five areas:
  • Intermediate Blues Guitar
  • Advanced Blues Guitar
  • Blues Bass Guitar
  • Blues Harp
  • Blues Vocals and Comping
Among our faculty for the bootcamp will be:
  • Billy Branch
  • Johnny Burgin
  • Joanna Connor
  • Katherine Davis
  • Deitra Farr
  • Billy Flynn
  • John Kattke
  • Dave Specter
  • Harlan Terson
For more information, contact Scott Weil,  

Email Us for Camp Info Here
Just a few of our faculty members for Chicago Blues Bootcamp, from top left, clockwise: Joanna Connor, Billy Branch, Katherine Davis, Dave Specter. Photos by Peter M. Hurley. Photos taken at live performances at Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s Concerts.
Meet Your Teachers…and Hear Them Play!
Get a taste of the amazing blues you can learn by watching some of the Instructors in action at Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s Concerts.

This show below includes performances by Chicago Blues Bootcamp Instructors Dave Specter, Billy Branch, Brother John Kattke and Johnny Burgin, as well as All-Stars like Jimmy Johnson, and Rick Kreher.

Jimmy Johnson, Dave Specter, Johnny Burgin & Friends at Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s

Featured Lesson “Blow Wind Blow”
With Chicago Blues Master Dave Specter 
As the cold winds start to blow in Chicago, take a look at this song “Blow Wind Blow,” written by Muddy Waters, with Chicago Blues Master Dave Specter.

“Blow Wind Blow” Guitar Lesson with Dave Specter
This is just one of the classic Chicago Blues songs you can learn with At Home Chicago Blues Lessons. The song was first released on Muddy Waters and His Guitar (1953) and Muddy Waters was performing the song live for years to come. Check out this version, filmed in 1971 in Los Angles, CA, in the video below.

Muddy Waters “Blow Wind Blow” Live in 1971 

For $23.95/month, you’ll receive access to 40+ video lessons, plus live weekly Zoom meetings with your instructor and fellow students. These “at home” lessons are online, allowing you to participate on your schedule, while still learning from Chicago Blues Masters like Dave Specter (Guitar), Harlan Terson (Bass), Brother John Kattke (Piano), Billy Flynn (Guitar), Joanna Connor (Guitar) and Johnny Burgin (Guitar).
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Pete’s Pics “Blues in Action”
by Peter M. Hurley

Greetings, readers, and Happy Thanksgiving. Wounded and bloody, the blues are back in business to an extent. While I continue to photograph blues artists at the clubs, design cd covers, write songs and Blues News items, some clubs have closed and others have cut back on their hours. Blues Fests virtually disappeared for two years and though they are returning, the income loss was devastating to many musicians.

During these holidays let’s give thanks to the artists who continue to perform and record this vital cultural art form by visiting the clubs and paying cover charges, tipping, purchasing music, signing up for classes, and offering support in other ways we haven’t thought of. Thanks to founder of Chicago Blues Network Scott Weil, Hannah Frank who operates the bBlues Note newsletter, blues club and record label owners who continue to push on for the sake of the music. Thanks mostly to the blues men and women who are national treasures for retaining the soul and the chops handed down by the originators. Though we are fans of blues played world wide, it is the Chicago Blues musicians with whom we are most indebted; to the originators of the electric sound and to their 2nd and 3rd generation (and onward) inheritors Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Burns, Bob Stroger, Buddy Guy, Mary Lane, Holle Thee Maxwell, Willie Buck, John Primer, Billy Branch, Freddie Dixon, Tomiko Dixon, Linsey Alexander, Mud Morganfield, Katherine Davis, Deitra Farr, Ronnie Bak………the list goes on and on and on. And on. Thanks.

– PETER M. HURLEY 11-24-2021
Master bassist Charles Hosch, known as “ChuckaLuck,” has worked for Earth Wind & Fire’s productions and for the Emotions as stage and back up studio musician. “ChuckaLuck” worked also with his cousin Larry Dixon, on Larry’s label LAD Productions Inc, and helped working on Larry’s album, “Can’t Price Love.” He is currently President/Ceo of Bass Tribes Online Magazine, out of concern for the lack of documentation of the history of Afro-American bass players and their active contribution to the music industry.


ChuckaLuck on Facebook
ChuckaLuck on ArtistInfo
ChuckaLuck on YouTube

Photo © Peter M. Hurley, taken at Motor Row Brewing, 2017

– Peter M. Hurley 

Enjoy this video below, with a spoken-word timeline, telling the story of ChuckaLuck’s amazing career:

The All-New Bass Tribe Nations Chicago’s Bass Legend Chuckaluck & Life with The Emotions

Mr. Hurley is a contributing photographer and writer for Living Blues Magazine and the staff photographer for Chicago Blues Network. His recent book Blues Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Chicago, in collaboration with Blues historian and author David Whiteis, showcases his work in the field. His passion for blues music began with a 6th grade dance party discovery of Bo Diddley which led to Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and so on. It continues to this day. Visit Peter’s Website here.
News on Blues Releases

Blues Roots Recap: Donna Herula Bang at the Door CD Release 11/20/21

At Old Town School of Folk Music w/ Anne Harris
Donna Herula, one of the many amazing blues artists featured on the Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s Concert stage, recently performed 11/20/21 at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music.

It was a joyous event featuring songs from her latest album Bang at the Door. Violinist Anne Harris was a special guest. Click the image to hear a snippet of the concert!
You can also enjoy another video: click here for the song “I Got What I Deserve.” Personnel included Tony Wittrock (mandolin), Marc Edelstein (bass) and Kenneth Smith (drums).  
Buy the New CD
“Herula delivers a set that is powerful, passionate, and a great listen.”
– Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue
Vinyl Update: Dave Specter’s Six String Soul
Dave Specter shared on Facebook that, yes–Six String Soul 30 Years on Delmark 2 LP set will be released on vinyl, and pressed “right here in Chicago at Smashed Plastic Record Pressing. Stay tuned for a 2022 release date and pre-order details.”

To order the double CD, visit
 DaveSpecter.com or Delmark.com.
Let the Blues Warm Your Soul
We all keep the flame!
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