“The blues was bleeding the same blood as me.”― B.B. King
May 26, 2021  Volume 2, Issue 25
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Learn a sweet 16-song set list with Chicago Blues Masters. Check out classic Blues songs, like “All Your Love I Miss Lovin'” and “Blow Wind Blow” to get started, in the videos below. Don’t let another day go by without embracing the magic of the Chicago Blues:

Billy Flynn: “All Your Love I Miss Lovin'” Blues Guitar Lesson

Dave Specter: “Blow Wind Blow” Blues Guitar Lesson

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Plug Into Blues Podcasts
“Blues from the Inside Out”

Dave Specter Interviews Joe Bonamassa
From the archives…Blues/rock guitar slinger Joe Bonamassa talks with Dave backstage at the Chicago Theater, sharing stories about some of his favorite Chicago blues, lessons learned from B.B. King, his choice guitars and amps, and his charitable work with the Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation.
Listen to Podcast Here
Blues from the Inside Out is a podcast, hosted by Dave Specter, Musical Director and Guitar Instructor with Chicago Blues Network, featuring top names in blues, soul, jazz and roots music with a unique, artist-to-artist interview perspective along with live studio performances. Learn more.
Special Video Feature!
Exclusive Performance with Dave Specter, Sam Lay and Corky Siegel

Dave Specter’s Blues From The Inside Out Podcast interview/jam session with Sam Lay & Corky Siegel

“No Border Blues” Podcast
Host Johnny Burgin Interviews Dutch Blues Band
Take a Blues journey with us! Make sure to catch the latest “No Border Blues” episode in the video below, as we bring you blues from around the world!

Little Hat: Rockin, Sleazy and Electrified Dutch Blues! No Border Blues #16

No Border Blues is the only blues podcast focused on international blues artists and hidden blues scenes around the world. Delmark recording artist Johnny Burgin and producer Stephanie Tice shine a spotlight on notable international blues performers, discuss the blues scenes in their home countries, and present intimate and exclusive musical performances. Sponsored by Chicago Blues Network, bringing Chicago Blues to the world.

Johnny Burgin: “That’s All Right” Blues Guitar Lesson

Johnny Burgin, Host of the “No Border Blues” Podcast, is also one of the Guitar Instructors with Chicago Blues Network.

Check out this lesson video above to learn about the Blues classic “That’s All Right.”
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Pete’s Pics “Blues in Action”
by Peter M. Hurley

This week’s column features an article on JOE PRATT by author, writer, educator, record reviewer David Whiteis. Published in the Chicago Reader Nov 1, 2019.         

       We don’t often think of sidemen as comprising a “supergroup,” but there’s really no other way to describe Chicago’s Source One Band. Between them, bassist and bandleader Joe Pratt, lead guitarist Sir Walter Scott, keyboardist Stan Banks, and drummer Lewis “Big Lou” Powell have performed or recorded with a list of greats that starts with Koko Taylor, the Chi-Lites, the Jackson 5, Tyrone Davis, Otis Clay, Denise LaSalle, Johnnie Taylor, Artie “Blues Boy” White, Willie Clayton, and Latimore—and keeps going from there. These days, Source One’s featured vocalists are versatile deep-soul stylists New Orleans Beau and Joe Barr, who are equally adept at wrecking the house and at creating a feel of smoky intimacy when it comes time for lovemaking. But the band is as much of an attraction as the singers: Pratt, who formed the first Source One in the 1980s (when he was White’s bassist), sets the tone with his deep-pocket grooves and affable stage presence; Scott draws on an armamentarium of chordal and rhythmic colorations and expressive, melodically adventurous solo licks developed during five decades as one of Chicago’s first-call session men; Banks, a former Koko Taylor sideman nicknamed “Preacher Man,” adds a churchy emotional fervor; and Powell, who divides his time between his gigs with Source One and his tours with soul-blues legend Latimore, plays with a propulsive funkiness that’s never overwhelming. The overall feel is of a vintage revue—the band is dedicated and professional, yet loose enough to imbue the music with the kind of swaggering ebullience that feels like the epitome of hipness when the groove gets good and the solos lock in. 

– David Whiteis

Books by David Whiteis available from University Of Illinois Press
  • Always The Queen/ The Denise LaSalle Story: read more
  • Blues Legacy/ Tradition & Innovation in Chicago. Photos by Peter M. Hurley: read more
  • Southern Soul-Blues: read more
  • Chicago Blues Portraits And Stories: read more
RIP Sir Walter Scott who passed April 15, 2020. 
Photo taken at Odyssey East, September 8, 2019.  

– Peter M. Hurley 
Mr. Hurley is a contributing photographer and writer for Living Blues Magazine and the staff photographer for Chicago Blues Network. His recent book Blues Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Chicago, in collaboration with Blues historian and author David Whiteis, showcases his work in the field. His passion for blues music began with the Chess Studios’ sound of Bo Diddley and continues to this day.
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