“Got my mojo working, but it just won’t work on you.” – Muddy Waters
April 28, 2021  Volume 2, Issue 21
594 Miles From Chicago
New documentary series spotlights Chicago Blues artists
An independent documentary film series focused on the lives of Chicago Blues musicians, called 594 Miles From Chicago is now available. Click the image below to watch it!
Jimmy Burns is one of many Chicago Blues artists
featured in 594 Miles From Chicago
Watch “594 Miles From Chicago” Video Here
From Facebook:  594 Miles From Chicago: An independent documentary Film Series focused on the lives of Chicago Blues musicians. Many artists have yet to be heard. It is time for them to step into the spotlight and tell their story about their life, pain, struggle, love, happieness. The blues has paved the way and is the foundation all genres. This is the New Archival of the Chicago Blues Community. It all started 594 Miles From Chicago, at the crossroads, in Clarksdale, MS. Chicago is the resting place for the blues and there are so many stories to be heard. That is what this historical documentary is for.

Filmed/edited by: Connor Korte. Season 1 Spotlighted Artists: Linsey Alexander, Greg Guy, Demetria Taylor, Carlos Johnson, Sheryl Youngblood, Willie “The Touch” Hayes, Mike Wheeler, Toronzo Cannon, Jimmy Burns, and John Primer.” 
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Learn more about the series in “Pete’s Pics / Blues in Action” article below…
Latest Blues Guitar Lesson 
Johnny Burgin, Guitar Instructor with Chicago Blues Network, Teaches “Reconsider Baby” by Lowell Fulson 

Johnny Burgin, Guitar Instructor
“Reconsider Baby” by Lowell Fulson Lesson

“Here’s a look at Lowell Fulson’s “Reconsider Baby.” Fulson, along with BB King and T-Bone Walker, helped create the original template for electric blues lead guitar with a “combo.” I love the soul and the expressiveness of his guitar playing. The constant downstrokes with the thumbpick give him a more down-home sound than T-Bone. I know Magic Sam and Willie James Lyons must have worn this 78 out!” – Johnny Burgin

What People Are Saying…

“An adventurous musician who’s never shy about taking chances.”  
–Marty Gunther, Blues Blast 


“This veteran blues musician has been on a roll of late turning out one exceptional album after another.”
–David Mac, Blues Junction


“The well-traveled and prolific Chicago bluesman.. brings something different each time he issues a solo album.”
–Jim Hynes, Glide Magazine 

Take Lessons with Johnny Burgin
Pete’s Pics “Blues in Action”
by Peter M. Hurley

I first met LINSEY ALEXANDER when assigned by Living Blues Magazine to shoot its 2019 Issue # 259 cover. His weekly stint at Kingston Mines was the perfect time and location to meet up with the man I had heard often at Buddy Guy’s Legends. An open, friendly, sharp and mischievous raconteur, he is the bluesman’s bluesman. A favorite with audiences and the record buying public, he sets up shop on a table with a carrying case full of his Delmark cds before his set and it’s a terrific place to interact with this personable man. On performing he says “I deal with the people, you know. I like to let them know me, that’s how I connect on stage. And when we’re cooking, it’s like having a good meal. You hate for it to end.”  
Backed by a tight band of veterans Alexander fires off a great repertoire of originals peppered with wry humour and often laced with innuendo. From blues clubs to festivals, his fans love him and his deep Chicago blues. 

594 Miles From Chicago is not only the distance from the southernmost border of the Windy City to Clarksdale, MS, it is the name of a documentary film project spearheaded by a young Blues fan, sound engineer, guitar technician and booking agent named Connor Korte. (With able assistance from Greg and Vicky Guy, and Nicole Erhardt.)

When Connor ran the sound and booked bands at Johnny’s Blitz in Westmont, the first bluesman he met was Linsey Alexander who told him forthrightly, “If you want a Blues venue, you have only f*****g Blues players. We need places like this. I can help.” And so Korte rebooted the club into the blues venue in that part of Chicagoland. In doing so, he would get to know the musicians and inquire of them about their lives. As he conducted more and more research on the individuals he came to schedule and know personally, the more he realized how little information about them was available. When the pandemic hit and shuttered the doors on the entire Blues scene, he decided it was the time that their rich histories should and could be documented. 

Korte purchased his own film equipment and became his own cameraman and interviewer. The result is hours and hours of conversation with well known  Chicago’s Blues artists and lesser known sidemen with no less-worthy and fascinating stories. Interviewees include world class musicians; the aforementioned Alexander, Buddy Guy, John Primer, Holle Thee Maxwell, Larry Williams, Peaches Staten and so many more.

“I spend as much time as each blues musician desires, says Korte.”From 45 minutes to 4 hours. I’ve recorded thoughts that some have told me they’ve never spoken of before. By project’s end, I’ll have interviewed at least 88 subjects.” After compiling and editing, Series 1 will be released on October 22, 2021. An online funding campaign did bring in some seed money but only a small percentage required for a project of this scope. Still, “When the series is complete, proceeds from dvd sales will go entirely to the musicians,” said the young historian. “It’s just important that this be done and I hope we can generate some interest and financing to keep it going. For me it’s Blues, Blues Blues… In my car, in my home and in my work.”  

For Linsey Alexander’s performance schedule and cd info: 
Linsey’s Delmark CDs LIVE AT ROSA’S, TWO CATS, COME BACK BABY and BEEN THERE DONE THAT available at: delmark.com
Linsey’s Facebook. Drop him a line for conversation and independent label CDs available: https://www.facebook.com/linsey.alexander.7

To find out more about and preview 594 Miles To Chicago see: 
To contribute: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/594-miles-from-chicago#/
Blues Musicians Booking: https://www.bluesbirdtalent.com/

-Peter M. Hurley
Mr. Hurley is a contributing photographer and writer for Living Blues Magazine and the staff photographer for Chicago Blues Network. His recent book Blues Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Chicago, in collaboration with Blues historian and author David Whiteis, showcases his work in the field. His passion for blues music began with the Chess Studios’ sound of Bo Diddley and continues to this day.
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“Blues From the Inside Out” Podcast
Host Dave Specter Interviews Charlie Musselwhite
From the archives: “Recorded backstage at the 2019 Chicago Blues Festival, Grammy winning bluesman Charlie Musselwhite shares memorable stories of his early days on the Chicago blues scene in the 1960s, his friendship with Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Magic Sam, Big Joe Williams, recording his first album, his burgeoning acting career, radio show and more.” – BluesFromtheInsideOut.com
Listen to Podcast Here

About the Podcast: Blues from the Inside Out is a monthly podcast featuring top names in blues and roots music from a unique, artist-to-artist interview perspective and often includes live studio performances and jam sessions.

Every episode is a warm, relaxed and engaging conversation between two artists, packed with insights into each guest’s music, life and influences. Listeners get a chance to eavesdrop on this intimate chat that weaves in blues and roots history, tales of legendary performances and collaborations, and the kinds of personal anecdotes that make you smile, laugh out loud or maybe even cry.
Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s
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Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s concerts bring you exclusive performances by Chicago Blues Masters. Watch the concerts anytime on Youtube here. The concert below features Jimmy Johnson and more!

Jimmy Johnson, Dave Specter, Johnny Burgin & Friends. Chicago Blues Network Trading 4s Concert

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Latest Single from Chicago’s Delmark Records
Jose Ramirez – Whatever She Wants (Digital Single)
“At 33 years old, Jose Ramirez is Costa Rica’s premier blues artist and has played with some of the biggest names in the blues industry, including Buddy Guy, Anson Funderburgh, Janiva Magness, Mark Hummel and Bryan Lee.

Jose was recently nominated for a Blues Music Award 2021 for his debut album Here I Come, produced by Funderburgh and in 2020, The Jose Ramirez Band won second place at The Blues Foundation International Blues Challenge in Memphis.  – Delmark.com

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Muddy Waters “Got My Mojo Workin'”

Muddy Waters – Got My Mojo Workin’

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