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December 9, 2020   Volume 1, Issue 33
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Latest Lesson: From Blues to Beatles?!
Learn with Joanna Connor, Chicago Blues Master and Slide Guitar Instructor
Test Your Ears: Do you hear the similarity between this Chicago Blues riff and the Beatles song “Happy Birthday”?

“Just A Little Bit” Chicago Blues Lesson by Joanna Connor

Joanna Connor, Chicago Blues slide guitar master, teaches “Just A Little Bit”, a Roscoe Gordon Chicago Blues standard made famous by Magic Slim. It’s a “rumba blues” style.

Now listen to the Beatles song “Happy Birthday” here and see if you can hear the similarity in these tunes. 

The power and energy of Chicago Blues influences musicians in many genres!

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Bobby Rush’s Big Year
by Marty Weil @ChiBluesHistory
Dolemite Soundtrack Clip: “I Aint Studdin’ You” 
Early in 2020, Bobby Rush suffered from a terrible virus (likely Covid-19) and beat it. It was the beginning of what would be an incredible 2020 for the Chicago blues stalwart who turned 87 in November. 

On the heels of surviving his brush with death, Bobby appeared in the Netflix film Dolemite is My Name, starring Eddie Murphy. The film went on to be nominated for two Golden Globe Awards including Best Motion Picture–Musical or Comedy. Rush plays himself as a performer in a “Chitlin’ Circuit” club in the South. He performs “I Ain’t Studdin’ Ya,” which also appears on the soundtrack. After the film was released, Rush was inspired to write “Dolemite Kid,” which Rush confirmed was a direct result of his star turn in the Eddie Murphy vehicle.

And 2020 was only half over for the octogenarian bluesman. 

In the second half of the year, Bobby received a Grammy nomination for his 2020 album release “Rawer than Raw.” Rush had previously won a Grammy award for his 2016 record, “Porcupine Meat.” He has also won 12 Blues Music Awards and is a member of the Blues Hall of Fame as well as the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame and the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame.

While this year was a supreme challenge for many, Bobby Rush found a way to survive and thrive in 2020.

Marty Weil is the editor of @CHIBLUESHISTORY on Twitter. Marty is a blues researcher, educator, and social media influencer.
Pete’s Pics “Blues in Action”

by Peter M. Hurley
DEMETRIA TAYLOR; Daughter of the Blues.
She shakes ’em on down.

It’s in the blood and in the family. The cream of the Chicago’s crop of 1970’s bluesmen were house guests of her guitarist daddy Eddie Taylor Sr. and vocalist mama Vera when Ms Taylor was a youngster. Blues by osmosis, talent and hard work has positioned her in the upper echelon of the blues divas of Chicago. “I continue to work hard and follow the blues path that all the Chicago blues women before me have paved” says Ms.Taylor. “There are so many who have mentored and inspired me; Koko Taylor, Deitra Farr, Big Time Sarah, and so many more. I thank them all. I want nothing more than to embrace the audience and be embraced back as I give it my all for the blues.” Demetria and her Band are a thunderous combo bound to blow the roof off of Blue Chicago or any of the other Windy City clubs where she was seen and heard on many nights of the week before the pandemic. And will again when the smoke clears.     

Photo taken @ B.L.U.E.S on Halsted in August of this year, 2020.

-Peter M. Hurley 12-8-2020

Mr. Hurley is a contributing photographer and writer for Living Blues Magazine and the staff photographer for Chicago Blues Network. His recent book Blues Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Chicago, in collaboration with Blues historian and author David Whiteis, showcases his work in the field. His passion for blues music began with the Chess Studios’ sound of Bo Diddley and continues to this day. Visit Peter’s Website here.

Demetria Taylor was featured in At Home Chicago Blues Trading 4s Concert this summer, which you can watch in full here:

Lynne Jordan, Demetria Taylor, Billy Flynn & More in Concert

At Home Chicago Blues allows you to learn blues from home, with some of the Chicago Blues Masters featured in these Trading 4s Concerts: to learn more click here
From the Vault
“Blues from the Inside Out” Podcast

In this episode, Dave Specter, Musical Director of At Home Chicago Bues, interviews John Scofiled
John Scofield has worked with Miles Davis, Mavis Staples, Pat Martino, Joe Henderson and Bill Frisell to name just a few. While his genre is often simplified to jazz/rock, his musical spectrum encompasses Blues, Funk, Soul, Bebop, Jazz Fusion and more. Listen in as Dave Specter chats with this legendary Guitarist and Composer. 
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