On Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat to win the NBA Championship. Tremendous 6 game series between the teams. Jimmy Butler and LeBron James. Fierce competition all night long.

On Competition
There was a discussion last week about Junior Wells and James Brown, or maybe more Junior Wells v James Brown. Harp v Horns. Blues v Funk. Chicago v SC/GA/OH/NY. Brings in Buddy Guy and Bootsy Collins. Chess Records v King Records. The fedora v the cape.

These two iconic figures thrived off the competitive drive to always improve. Billy Branch told us the story of Sonny Boy Williamson smacking the harp out of Junior’s hand early on; telling his student he had a long way to go. Junior got there. Both men continually refined their acts. Comparisons were inevitable. Then the question pops: Who do you prefer? Who’s better? Why? My answer is that we are all better off for being able to savor both artists. That’s the value of competition.