Chicago Blues Network sponsors Blues podcasts including “Blues from the Inside Out” and “No Border Blues”.

“Blues From the Inside Out” Hosted by David Specter

Dave Specter is Musical Director and Guitar Instructor with At Home Chicago Blues.

Blues from the Inside Out is a monthly podcast featuring top names in blues and roots music from a unique, artist-to-artist interview perspective and often includes live studio performances and jam sessions.

“No Border Blues” Hosted by Johnny Burgin and Stephanie Tice

Johnny Burgin is Guitar Instructor with At Home Chicago Blues.

Take a blues journey with No Border Blues, the only blues podcast focused only on international blues artists and hidden blues scenes around the world. Delmark recording artist Johnny Burgin and producer Stephanie Tice will shine a spotlight on notable international blues performers, discuss the blues scenes in their home countries, and present intimate and exclusive musical performances. Sponsored by Chicago Blues Network, bringing Chicago Blues to the world.


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