Who teaches each song?

Each instructor teaches every song listed on the website (not all have been produced at this time).

How long can I access the video?

Unlimited time as long as you are subscribed.

Can I copy the video?

No, but it can be viewed at any time and as often as you want.

Can I mix and match instructors and songs?

Yes. Simply pick which instructor and the songs they will discuss.

Can I get a live private lesson with the instructor instead of the two songs?

Yes, by making arrangements directly with the Faculty member.

Can I get the tabs for all of the songs?

As the lessons for each song becomes available, the tabs will be available as well.

How do I access the "Office Meet Up"?

There will be a weekly email sent out for logging into the meeting using Zoom.

If I do not like the style of instruction of the songs I have chosen, can I switch the instructor?

Yes, and you are encouraged to select the same song lesson by multiple instructors.

How quickly will the faculty member respond to email questions?

As quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours If there is an issue, please contact us at info@chicagobluesnetwork.com.

Will the "Office Meet Ups" be recorded if I am unavailable for the live session?


Is there a backing track available for the songs to practice with?

Not at this time, but we will look into that idea.

When is my card billed?

On the day you sign up then on the same day each month.

When can I cancel?

At any time.

Do I have to use the monthly subscription, or can I just buy two songs from the faculty member?

Anyone can sample one complete lesson on our YouTube channel at no charge. For more video lessons and office hours with the instructor, you will need the monthly subscription package, which you can cancel at any time.


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