Greetings, readers, and Happy Thanksgiving. Wounded and bloody, the blues are back in business to an extent. While I continue to photograph blues artists at the clubs, design cd covers, write songs and Blues News items, some clubs have closed and others have cut back on their hours. Blues Fests virtually disappeared for two years and though they are returning, the income loss was devastating to many musicians.

During these holidays let’s give thanks to the artists who continue to perform and record this vital cultural art form by visiting the clubs and paying cover charges, tipping, purchasing music, signing up for classes, and offering support in other ways we haven’t thought of. Thanks to founder of Chicago Blues Network Scott Weil, Hannah Frank who operates the bBlues Note newsletter, blues club and record label owners who continue to push on for the sake of the music. Thanks mostly to the blues men and women who are national treasures for retaining the soul and the chops handed down by the originators. Though we are fans of blues played world wide, it is the Chicago Blues musicians with whom we are most indebted; to the originators of the electric sound and to their 2nd and 3rd generation (and onward) inheritors Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Burns, Bob Stroger, Buddy Guy, Mary Lane, Holle Thee Maxwell, Willie Buck, John Primer, Billy Branch, Freddie Dixon, Tomiko Dixon, Linsey Alexander, Mud Morganfield, Katherine Davis, Deitra Farr, Ronnie Bak………the list goes on and on and on. And on. Thanks.

– PETER M. HURLEY 11-24-2021

Master bassist Charles Hosch, known as “ChuckaLuck,” has worked for Earth Wind & Fire’s productions and for the Emotions as stage and back up studio musician. “ChuckaLuck” worked also with his cousin Larry Dixon, on Larry’s label LAD Productions Inc, and helped working on Larry’s album, “Can’t Price Love.” He is currently President/Ceo of Bass Tribes Online Magazine, out of concern for the lack of documentation of the history of Afro-American bass players and their active contribution to the music industry.



Photo © Peter M. Hurley, taken at Motor Row Brewing, 2017

– Peter M. Hurley 

Enjoy this video below, with a spoken-word timeline, telling the story of ChuckaLuck’s amazing career: