Pete’s Pics / “Blues in Action”: ANDRE “CAT DADDY” TAYLOR

March 24, 2021

    Blues hero ANDRE “CAT DADDY” TAYLOR is one of the handful of survivors from the […]

Pete’s Pics / “Blues in Action”: R.I.P. SAMMY BLUE

March 17, 2021

Born Rufus Samuel Favers, actor, writer, and bluesman SAMMY BLUE passed away on March 10, […]

Pete’s Pics / “Blues in Action”: WILLIE BUCK

March 10, 2021

As a young man in Mississippi, WILLIE BUCK travelled the chitlin’ circuit until he migrated […]

T-Bone Walker Invented Electricity

March 10, 2021

by Marty Weil @ChiBluesHistory Chuck Berry said, “All the things people see me do on […]

Pete’s Pics / “Blues in Action” RONNIE BAKER BROOKS

March 3, 2021

Each Friday RONNIE BAKER BROOKS can be seen live from his “Brooks Blues Basement” at 8pm sharp. […]

Pete’s Pics / “Blues in Action”: JOHN PRIMER

February 24, 2021

JOHN PRIMER has kept it going throughout the pandemic by broadcasting a live stream performance […]

Pete’s Pics / “Blues in Action” JOHNNY BURGIN

February 17, 2021

From Johnny Burgin’s website ABOUT: JOHNNY BURGIN grew up in the South and went to […]

Dave Specter Blues Brilliance “In the Dark” (Video Feature)

February 10, 2021

Dave Specter, Musical Director and Guitar Instructor with Chicago Blues Network, takes center stage here […]

Willie Dixon: The Architect of The Blues

February 3, 2021

by Marty Weil @CHIBLUESHISTORY In my mind, Willie Dixon was the central architect of the Chicago […]

Pete’s Pics / “Blues in Action” KATE MOSS

February 3, 2021

Kate Moss From website KATE MOSS has enjoyed playing guitar since her teens, but it […]


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