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Who are we?

Chicago Blues Network allows listeners to hear and share music recorded live in Chicago blues clubs. Chicago is the home of the blues with live performances every night. These shows number more than 3,000 annually which for the most part go undocumented. Chicago Blues Network's goal is to expose this great music to the world, encourage users to participate by posting on the site and to enrich the local blues community. With have officially opened our website to the public on August 1, 2013.

Newest Shows

Lurrie Bell

Live at B.L.U.E.S. January 2014

Master of string-bending blues Lurrie Bell burns through some Muddy Waters classics like "I'm Ready", "Hoochie Coochie Man", "Walking Thru The Park" and is joined by special guest vocalist Peaches Staten. Just two days earlier it was 15 degrees below zero and much of the city was closed including B.L.U.E.S. But Lurrie Bell heated things up and is accompanied by Russ Green, harmonica, Melvin Smith, bass and Willie "The Touch" Hayes, drums.

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Joe Barr & The Soul Purpose Band

Live at B.L.U.E.S. January, 2014

Even Chicago's brutal January cold snap couldn't stop Joe Barr & The Soul Purpose Band from a night of exciting blues, soul & R&B. Joe pays tribute to those who have influenced him musically covering Albert King, Bobby Bland, Johnnie Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Al Green. Soul Purpose brought the heat and it's a soul blues explosion!

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Studebaker John's Maxwell Street Kings

Live at Harlem Avenue Lounge, September, 2013

Studebaker John's Maxwell Street Kings play rough and tumble Chicago blues just like they were played on the famous Maxwell Street open-air market. This show was recorded at the record release party for their new album. Kingsville Jukin' which is comprised of all new original songs. With Rick Kreher, Bob Halaj, and Steve Cushing and special guest Jimmy Burns who sings three including the impromptu "Whooping And Hollering".

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Welcome back Chicago Blues Network Testers!

Posted: June 09, 2013

Our new radio feature is now available. Please check it out and let us know how you like it. After you've listened please email us your comments. We are especially interested in any operational problems, suggestions for improvements or tell us what you like/don't like about it. If all goes well the official launch date will be August 1, 2013. We sincerely thank you for your time and efforts.

Ori Naftaly Band featuring Eleanor Tsaig

Live at B.L.U.E.S. June, 2013

The Ori Naftaly Band won the Israel Blues Competition, which granted their participation in the International Blues Competition (IBC) in Memphis. The band represented Israel among 200 other bands from all over the world. The Ori Naftaly Band is the first Israeli band to have made it to the IBC semi-finals, and was also the band which sold the largest amount of CDs in that event. "Happy For Good", the title track from their new CD, was their opening song.

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Vance Kelly & The Backstreet Blues Band

Live at B.L.U.E.S. March 2011

"See, I know what I'm workin' with tonight, I'm workin' with a LIIIIIVE audience!" declares Vance Kelly. The headmaster of VKU unleashes a soul / blues / R&B / funk / rock n roll party. His 6 piece band covers T-Bone Walker, The Impressions, O.V. Wright, The Temptations, Prince, Bootsy Collins, Ray Charles and more!

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Nellie 'Tiger' Travis & The Cats

Live at B.L.U.E.S. March 2011

"One of the hottest rising Divas in the country" is how Nellie 'Tiger' Travis is introduced to the audience. Nellie showcases her singing and songwriting talents delivering her original songs "I Got It Like That" and "Before You Grab This Tiger By The Tail (aka "I'm In Love With A Man I Can't Stand"). Nellie also shares the stage with guest vocalist Demetria Taylor. It's live and as Nellie put it "Totally Uncut!"

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Nick Moss & The Flip Tops with Curtis Salgado

Live at Rosa's Lounge June 2011

Nick Moss has established himself as one of the premiere blues guitarists in Chicago. Curtis Salgado is a soulful singer who sang with Robert Cray for six years and won the Blues Foundation's award for Soul Blues Male Artist of The Year. These two shining talents gave a great performance on this show recorded during Chicago Bluesfest weekend 2011.

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Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire

Live at Rosa's Lounge February 2011

One of the things that separates Sharon from other blues artists is the way she interacts with her audience. There's no goings on behind the scenes - Sharon puts it all out there. The music is a delightful blend of contemporary blues, traditional blues, soul, R&B, funk, rock and more. What an exciting way to start Chicago Blues Network!

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Jimmy Burns

Live at Rosa's Lounge August, 2013

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Jimmy Burns is a contemporary bluesman who combines his Delta roots with R&B and soul to come up with a sound uniquely his own. Jimmy is a charismatic performer with an expressive, soulful voice and a melodic guitar style to match. This special solo performance features Jimmy covering everything from Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup to Sam Cooke to Muddy Waters to Foreigner! And Jimmy's got some great stories to tell.

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Kilborn Alley

Live at Rosa's Lounge November 2012

"You'll hear snippets of the Delta, Chicago, and deep blues, as well as hard funk and sweat-soaked shuffles...at one of their shows. But the Kilborn Alley caravan doesn't take you on that musical journey via the direct route. They prefer the more raucous journey found on the backstreets and dirt roads, the kind of adventure that comes from a lifetime commitment to ignoring the rules." -Josh Hathaway from the notes to Kilborn Alley's newest CD Four.

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Rob Stone & The C-Notes

Live at B.L.U.E.S. June 2011

Rob Stone is one of the busiest young bandleaders in Chicago blues. Guitarist Mark Wydra, bassist Harlan Terson and drummer Pookie Styx, The C-Notes, seamlessly support Stone's blasting harmonica and cool, streetwise vocals. Everyone showcases their exceptional individual talents, creating a great group sound. Special guest Katherine Davis joins the guys to sing "Cut You A-Loose".

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Toronzo Cannon & The Cannonball Express

Live at B.L.U.E.S. September, 2013

"John The Conquer Root" is a psychedelic, heavy metal blues song that is also the title track to the new CD from Toronzo Cannon. He performs the song live on this show which was the record release party for the album as well as other originals from his two most recent albums. The show is further proof that the blues is alive and well and will have a prosperous future.

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Demetria Taylor

Live at B.L.U.E.S. March, 2013

On this night Demetria was celebrating her 40th birthday and it was quite the bash. Many of Demetria's family were in the house including sister Brenda participating in the booty shakin' activities. Big Time Sarah was at the party and boy did she clown with the mens, especially Reggie, Demetria's son! Check out the photo gallery!!

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